Revolving Punch -
No. 155

Six tube punch made with tubes 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 0,1,2,3,5 & 7. This punch is known as the best Revolving Punch made. The frame is made of forged steel, highly polished. Cutting tubes are turned from specialcarbon tool steel and threaded to allow easy replacement. These tubes are individually hardened. The reach or distance from the cutting tube to the back of jaw is 1 1/2". Weight each is 14 oz. Size 0 to 7 provided unless specified otherwise.

Osborne No.DescriptionUPC No.
155 1-6 Revolving Punch 52010
155 0-7 Revolving Punch 52012
155-A Extra Anvil52052
155-HS Extra Handle Spring 02070
155-SP Extra Side Spring 02072
155T-(size) Extra Tubes See Below
155 0-7 Set of Replacement Tubes 02044
155 1-6 Set of Replacement Tubes 02046

Note: Numbers 155,153 and 223 tubes are not interchangeable. No 155 punch takes tubes up to size 6 and 7 as indicated on the cylinder of the punch. Punch tubes measure 3/4" overall.